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G1 Pairs, Visiting the Box

The G1 males are now nearing 21 months of age. Both have been paired to adult normal Alexandrine hens for the last few months.  Pairs have nicely bonded. Hens are visiting the box but no eggs yet. Males are very vocal and excited. Here are some fresh pics taken on 15/12/2013.


Pair 2

Male 1

Male 1
Male 1

Male 2

Male 2
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  1. Lovely Saud bhai, i have following ur project from start. Can u please update us, did this pair laid any eggs. Any luck with chicks, how do they look like. Can u please share complete details and fresh pictures please.

    1. Here's the update

  2. nice notes but if you want detail mutations of IRN you can visit my website http://birdszoo.com


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