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Incubation Period and Clutch Size for Parrot Species

Following is a table of various parrot species, their scientific names, clutch size and incubation period. This is meant to be a guide for breeders. The incubation day count begins from the day proper incubation is started by the birds or in the incubator and not from the day the egg was laid. Always check eggs via candling before discarding. Species Scientific Name Clutch Size Incubation Period Adelaide Rosella  Platycercus adelaidae 4 - 7 eggs 21 days African Grey Parrots Psittacus erithacus erithacus 3 - 4 eggs  28 days Alexandrine Parakeet  Psittacula Eupatria 2 - 4 Eggs 28 Days Amboina King Parakeets  Alisterus amboinensis 3 eggs  21 days Antipodes Green Parrot or Antipodes Island Parakeet  Cyanoramphus unicolor 2 - 6 eggs  26 days Bare-eyed Cockatoo or Little Corella  Cacatua sanguinea: normantomi, sanguinea) 2 - 3 eggs 21 - 27 days Barraband's P