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Getting Started with Breeding Ringnecks

First of all you need to pick the right cage. Ringnecks require a minimum cage size of 24in x 24in x 48in. The front of the cage should be 24x24 with feeding stations. The depth should be 48inches with the nest box installed outside at the back of the cage. There should be a perch about 1.5-2in in diameter 6-8in from the back wall and just below the opening to the nest box. The logic behind such a setup is that the nest box should be farthest from human approach during feeding times. Birds feels secure in such an environment and are more likely to breed. The illustration below shows this setup. The mesh used for the cage should be rectangular weld mesh and not expanded metal mesh as shown in the picture.

The nest box should be filled with white pine shavings 3in deep. The cage should be protected from direct wind and prolonged exposure to sun. While sunlight is great for birds, a shaded area in the cage should always be available to them.

Once you have the setup in place, you may proceed to buy birds. I recommend buying 1 year old birds that have gone through their first annual molt. At this age most males start showing their neck rings and sexing becomes easy in most mutations. Buying adult pairs carries the risk of getting birds that are too old or are problems breeders with poor history. The ideal time to buy in Pakistan is July-August. Birds bought in these months have enough time to pair up and settle down for the breeding season that begins in December-January and lasts until April-May. Birds bought and set up later than this may or may not breed in the upcoming season.

Ringnecks will usually lay a clutch of 4-5 eggs. The eggs hatch in 23-24 day. If you prefer to hand feed the chicks you may remove the chicks at the age of 2-3 weeks. If chicks are removed and there is sufficient time remaining in the season, the pair will usually proceed to lay another clutch in about 3-4 weeks.

Once the breeding season is over, I flock all my ringnecks into a large flight. I recommend this practice as the birds enjoy the freedom and build themselves up for the next season.

These are the basics of breeding the Indian ringnecks. If you have a related question, feel free to post it here.
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  1. Simple and effective , nicely written

  2. hmmmm Good efforts Saud Bro. All the requirements are there.

    AMK KHan

  3. First of all you done a great job, i read all your articles. All of them full of knowledge for me.
    Bro i have few Question regarding cage step which are following as:
    1) what about spot welding cage instead of use of rectangular weld mesh?
    2) Is it good to cover Right Left or upper Sides with sheet?
    3) Which is the best, trey should inside or under the cage?

    1. 1) Spot Welding is the same as Weld mesh
      2) Covering sides is ok to block wind or excessive sunlight.
      3) Trays should be outside the cage, under the grate.

      Please join http://BirdTalk.org for a prompt response.

  4. thanks Allot Saud bro.............!!! definitely i will job, i hope there will allot of learning for me.


  6. That will work as well


  7. saud bhai how many clutches in a year ringneck & alexenderine give

  8. Bro please tell me where to place the cage indoor or outdoor.

  9. saud bro can i bay pair from liaqatabad

  10. How can I make my Indian ring deck talk

  11. can a ring neck breed in the presence of other breeds of parrots

  12. can a ring neck breed in the presence of other breeds of parrots

    1. Yes it can but not in the same cage. The birds need to feel safe and secure.

  13. my new ringneck female is trying to fight with male. should i keep them in different cage. or in same cage. how they wil make pair

  14. Very useful information.pls tell me regarding their feed.thanks

  15. Bro my yellow ring neck pair crossed but eggs were not fertile.Female layed 4 eggs. Is there any problem with male or female plzzzzz guide me. Waiting ur reply.


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  17. I have my one pair since last year who's matting but not layed

  18. Hi brother i have a question How many time they breed in one year and in which months ? from pakistan

  19. Mre parrots ki age 20 year hay tu kya woh abi b breeed kr skhta??

  20. can i breed chicks from same parents


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