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Alexandrine Mutations Project: Year 5 (2015)

This post relates to my Alexandrine Mutations Project. If you are new to my blog you should start reading about this project here Male 1 This male was previously paired to a tame hen. The hen appeared to be more interested in bonding to a human mate than another bird. Therefore I decided to introduce a new hen this year. This hen is adult & wild. Age is not known but I believe she is above 5 years of age. I also did not have and information on her breeding history.  The birds were paired in August 2014. The hen started to visit the box a month later. I was hoping for an early clutch but the hen did not lay. By December she was spending most of the time in the box but still no eggs. She finally started a clutch in early March 2014, laying 3 eggs. All 3 turned out to be infertile. I removed the eggs hoping for a second clutch but it never came. Male 2 This male was paired to the same hen as last year. The hen spent a lot of time in the box but the she never laid.