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G1 Males after moult at 1 year 5 months

The G1 males have almost completed their annual moult. The wing patches have improved a lot and are now clearly visible though they are still a little broken in appearance and not as bright as a pure Alexandrine. Neck rings are also clearly visible and look very similar to the Alexandrine neck ring rather than that of a ringneck. The length of the bird is also very good approaching that of a pure normal alexandrine. Both males are split to ino and split to blue. I have noticed that their tails have a bluish tinge on the primary tail feather when viewed from behind. My pure alexandrines show primary tail feathers that are yellow and not blue. Is the blue tinge in the tail due to the split blue in the birds? I am not sure but it would be interesting and also useful to explore this possibility. I will be pairing these males to pure Alex hens soon. Half the chicks from this pairing will be split blue. The tail color might offer a clue to which chicks are split blue. Obviously, the pr