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Alexandrine Mutations Project: Year 4 (2014)

This post relates to my Alexandrine Mutations Project. If you are new to my blog you should start reading about this project  here . A quick summary,  I bred two hybrid males split to ino and blue and a hybrid female split to blue in April 2012 from a pairing of a pure Alexandrine male to an Albino Ringneck hen. The two G1 male birds were setup for breeding this season and paired to two pure Alexandrine hens.  After some initial skirmishes, both pairs bonded and started  visiting the box .  Pair 1 The hen in this pair is a 2 year old,  former pet and is semi-tame. She started spending a lot of time in the box during February 2014. She would assume a mating position on the cage floor when I visited her during feeding time. The male would attempt to mount her but once on the back he didn't really know what to do next. I found a broken soft shelled egg on the cage floor on Feb 28th. I immediately started her on liquid calcium but found another soft shelled egg on March 2 outside t