Maximix: Supplementary food for birds

Aves Maximix is a supplementary food for birds.
This product contains all essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Specific particulars of AVES-MAXIMIX are

  • Contains 50 vitamins, minerals, trace-elelements and amino-acids which can be deficient under practical conditions
  • The protein contains all essential amino-acids, plus extra amino-acids to compensate for specific amino-acid deficiences encountered in many diets
  • Especially suitable for birds which cannot tolerate normal dosages of iron (hemochromatosis)
  • Contains extra vitamin E, C, biotin, calcium, arginine and lysine
Supply Aves Maximix under the following conditions:
1) When condition and egg production are sub-optimal
2) When a complete and balanced food supplement is required

Packing 600g, 200g

To place an order for delivery anywhere in Pakistan please Contact Me by email


  1. Pls tell the price n quantity required in a month for birds.


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