Change in feathering of Red-Factor Greys

The following relates to my CAG pair #5. Both birds in this pair had red some feathering.

An interesting development has been the change in appearance of the two birds. The male  had a splash of red feathers on its back (Pic 1). These red feathers have disappeared after the molt  The hen had some red feathers running up the legs and lower abdomen along the wings. This red feathering has increased considerably in the hen. The photo on the left was taken about 15 months ago. The one on the right is current.

A couple of my other red factor birds have also lost their red feathering. The question is whether there is a genetic component to this red feathering or not? When this pair breeds successfully, it may help answer this question. So far they have produced 4 infertile clutches. The male in this pair is a young bird.

Pic 1: Male showing a splash of red feathers on the back.
Pic Taken July 2011, Male Left, Female Right
Pic Taken Oct 2012, Female Left, Male Right


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